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welcome to my world!!!

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I am a fun guy that likes to have fun in whatever that I am doing at the time. I am a college student at Grossmont College this year. I also work for a Nike Factory Store here in San Diego as well. I am a huge sports person and I'm a fan of all of the san diego teams. I have an advantious side and I'm a firm believer that I have like to try something at least once in my life to see what it's like. I am also a funny guy that will try to make you laugh as much possible because I believe that laughter a big key into having a good time.

My Favorites

Favorite Band or Musician: New Found Glory, linkin park, switchfoot, and 3 doors down
Favorite TV show: WWE Shows Raw and Smackdown, Law and Order, Charmed
Favorite movie: Forget Paris

Favorite book: The One Who Flew Over the Coo Coo's Nest by John Kasey
Favorite sports team: San Diego Padres, SanDiego Chargers, Columbus Blue Jackets
Favorite food: Mac and Cheese

My Hobbies

There are alot of things that I like to do like playing sportsincuding baseball, basketball, football,and badminton, and bowling. I also have been going to alot of concerts escpeally at soma to see punk rock bands incuding bowling for soup, american hi-fi, the hives, new found glory and P.O.D. to name a few.

Most Admired

My parents are my heroes. I look up to then in everything that they do and hope that someday I can be just like them.


This is the many faces of me !!!!!

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