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welcome to my world!!!

Photos of Family and Friends

These are photos of family and friends that mean everything to me!

My Family
My dad


This my father Curtis Sr. He is the guy that I look up to in my life. My dad took under his wing in 1993 when I had the change to move back out here and I will always be thankful that let come and live with him here in San Diego. He was a wonderful person in my life and I thank God everyday because he is a such a good father to me.

My Step-Mom Patty
This is a woman who is really good person to me and I really glad she is there to help me with any problems to me. She is the only person that has the intenet for me to use. She is an accountist and so when I have money problems she is the person that I turn too

Linda Friend of the family

These lady is a very helpful person to me when it comes to things that I don't about or about current events that are currently happening in the world today. She has even given me many changes to futher my education out there today that I have just recieved a 200 dollar scholailship from the church that I used to go too. So thank you for that so much because I can use that to further my education even farther than before.


My Friends


Alicia, my ex Mariah, and Jacob from left to right. These were my special friends in high school and these were the people that always brought a smile to my face everyday. I just to say thank you to all of them for being so good to me in high school.

Jolly Holly
This was my Holly. she was one of the more crazier people in our click but she was one of the most funniest people to hang out with while I was in High School and I just wish her the best in the future!

Angie and Daniel

wow, these are the remaining poeple left in our click, Angie and Daniel! Man, time has a way moving people apart and times change and all but you should at least keep in contact with there so can help them if they have problems with life or if they want to hang and still things with them and whatnot!

Daniel I'm happy to hear that you are out of that hell hole Clairemont and you are your way at Mesa College to pursuit your hope and future and work at shipwreck cafe, where I work at when I was 18. Man that seems like so long ago! I'm glad to hear you are doing and I wish good luck in the future!