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A Biography of My Favorite Pro Wrestlier, the Rock


Real Name: Duane Johnson
Height: 6'5
Weight: 260lbs
From: Miami, Florida
Wrestling Style: Technical
Other Nicknames: The Great One, The Brahma Bull, The People's Champion, The Most Electrifying
Man in Sports Entertainment
Finishing Maneuver: Rock Bottom
Trademark Moves: The People's Elbow, Layin' the Smackdown (Tornado DDT), Samoan Drop
Titles Held:  WWE World Champ (7), WWE IC Champ (2), WWE Tag Champ (5), WCW World Champ (2), WWE Royal Rumble Winner (2000)
WrestleMania Appearances: XIII, XIV, XV
Major Rivals: Triple H, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mankind, Ken Shamrock
Quotes: (too many to list)
"If ya smell-la-la-la-la-la what The Rock is cookin'!"
"I am the best damn WWF champion there ever was!"
"Know your damn role and shut your mouth!"
"I'm gonna drag your roody-poo candyass down Know Your Role Blvd., hang a right at Jabroni Dr.,
and proceed to check your monkey ass DIRECTLY into The Smackdown Hotel!"
"The Rock is gonna take that {}, shine it up real nice, and shove it straight up your candyass!"
Career Highlights:
- Rocky Maivia began his WWF Hall of Fame career when he became the sole survivor during his
match at the 1996 Survivor Series. A match that, interestingly enough, included a victory over then IC
champ, Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

- An early WWF title was not far behind as the WWF rookie upset Hunter at a house show to become
the WWF Intercontinental Champion. This decision to place such a prestigious belt on a mere rookie did
not sit well with the fans and the "Die, Rocky, die" and "Rocky sucks" chants.

- Angry at the fans for apparently rejecting his superstar status, Rocky joined the newly formed Nation
of Domination and regained the Intercontinental Championship just one day after the December IYH
when Steve Austin was forced to forfeit the title over to him at the whim of Vince McMahon. Rocky,
who at this point started calling himself "The Rock", then began one of the most impressive IC Title runs
in WWF history.

- Between Royal Rumble and SummerSlam 1998, The Rock elevated himself to the superstar level as he
nearly won the Rumble (he entered at #5), took over the Nation, and entered into memorable feuds with
Shamrock and Triple H and DX. The latter finally climaxed in an awesome, but brutal Ladder Match for
the IC strap that ranks among the top ten matches of that event's history. The People's Champ was
defeated to end the WWF's 7th longest IC Championship reign. With nothing left to prove in the IC
division, The Rock set his sights on The Ultimate Prize: the WWF Championship.

- Captured the coveted Title when he won the Deadly Games tournament and revealed to the world that
he had been working with Vince McMahon and his new Corporation for the past several months. As
Vince's official Corporate Champion, The Rock was given one goal: He was not to let The Texas
Rattlesnake within one mile of the championship.no matter what the cost.

- Until the inevitable confrontation at WrestleMania however, The Rock would have his hands full with a
very angry Mankind, who had been screwed out of his chance at WWF gold in his Deadly Games Finals
match with The Rock. Between Christmas and Valentine's Day, these two managed to do it all-from
Ladder Matches to Last Man Standing to a new phenomenon called Halftime Heat. In less than two
months the WWF Championship changed hands no less than four times between these two, with The
Rock finally getting the upper hand the night after St. Valentine's Day Massacre. By this time the stage
was set for perhaps one of the most anticipated match-ups in WrestleMania history: The Rock versus the
Corporate nemesis, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

- In a match that didn't disappoint, The Rock just couldn't take two Stunners and lost the Title. Some
would say, and I would agree, that the rematch at Backlash between these two was better than their
match at The Greatest Extravaganza In History.

- Disgusted that their chosen champion couldn't get the job done, the newly crowned leader of the
Corporate Team, Shane McMahon dropped The Rock like a bad habit, kicking him out of the
Corporation, and giving his spot to Triple H and the Undertaker.

- Recently teamed up with his arch-rival, Mankind, to form the short-lived, but very successful Rock 'n'
Sock Connection. Before both of their prides got in the way, the RnS become tag team champions three
times in a period of a little over a month.

Current Status: Under WWF contract

(Thanks to Rajahwwf.com/wwf for the great biography and photo)