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Subject and Themes Poems

These are poems about different subjects and theme that I feel so strongly even that they warned me to write about them!

                Death of a Marriage

Marriage what is that truly about? To me it is a life term commitment that one person said to another person and that they already have said that their true search for happiness is finally over. These two people are in love forever and that is said to t he world in vows taken at a wedding. Everything that was owned by each partner becomes the other one property as they are two people formed to a union in front of the whole world. It is shared as long they stay together as a husband and wife. The real question is that what happens if it wasn't meant to be. The simple and honorary answer is something I like to call "Death of a Marriage.

            When you think about Death, you think about somebody ending a life. If you know them a little piece of you dies inside as well. Death though can be applied to other things and other reasons when such of a big event as A Death of a Marriage is about to happen. Two married people that used to be happy together are no longer happy together and they will later be as apart as a rose is too a rose bush. Some if the feelings that might be coming after that are after effects of when a Death of a Marriage is going on. One of these feelings is called crazy and you might be feeling this because for the simple fact that this event has just happened and that fact alone might drive you crazy. Sadness is another feeling that may come because of death of a marriage is going on. It can be a sad time in your life and if you aren't careful it might just turn into depression make things even worse then they already are. The other feeling you could be feeling is called hatred / Angriness towards the people while this was going on. This might be happening because you have so much emotion and energy stored inside that it may be hard to understand what is truly going on. The truth is that you have to be careful what it is you do with all of that energy cause the world and people that live in it may not like the reaction you may be ready to put out on them.

            The next question that comes to mind is how to deal with those emotions How to deal with so much in such a short time? At this point most people going though this process of death of a marriage will and should have a lot of emotion and energy that they might not know how to use it in a positive way. I f you don't use in a positive way just might be something on other people or things that might not need the punishment that you are trying to dish out on them in the first place. The first thing about learning how to deal with all of that energy and emotion is you need to find out the truth about why Death of a Marriage has happened. Once you find out the truth you can better understand about what it is I going on behind the scenes there. Second the first reaction of sadness or the shock value of it happening is going to happen next. The thing about this emotion is that you may want to hold it in and hope it will go away but the truth is that you need to let it out. The truth is that if you don't let it all out and hold it all in. It will just make things worse and more painful then they really to be. You just might hurt someone else with that sadness and that can prevent and stopped in the first place if it is possible. After all of that a second round of feelings will be coming around called the madness or the anger factor. With all of that stored energy and emotion going on you must be careful cause if isn't handled in the right way another person or thing will get hurt. The advice is that when something like a death of a marriage going on find whatever it is that calms you down and get on it As Soon As Possible because it will start the healing process. Time will heal all wounds always keep that in mind as this is going on. Find whatever it is that cools down whiether it be talking to a friend, punchin a punching bag, yelling very loudly, do what I like to do and that is too write about whatever it is being done. As long as it starts to help to heal, you can start the long road of healing from a process called "Death of A Marriage

                      The Sadness of Death


Death is a part of everyone’s life. When it happens to you, you know that, you will be going to a better place. A better place that will make you and your soul happier than they were while they were living on the planet Earth. For people that were part of your life, it is the time of their lives that will be a sad and emotionally draining time for people. They will need to know that they will have to stop whatever is it that they are doing in their lives and they will need to come down from wherever they live at to go to the place where your body’s final resting place is at. Then they need to go through the process of saying goodbye to you for the final time while in the same time thank you for everything that you have done for them while you were alive. This things that you have done in their included the following: the enriching their lives with positive memories of you and they can use those good memories, that you helped gave to them, as a way to remember who you were and what you did doing the living process of your life.

The other part of the whole sadness of death process is once people have been through the process of saying goodbye to you for the final time. The process following that event will be a very slow and long process of accepting the fact that that you will not be part of their life anymore.  The thing is that, when you love that person, the one you have just lost, it can and will be a hard thing to understand what has happened and it will be a hard thing to let go because of all of the love and memories you guys shared together and also that you know your life will never be the same again. In addition to that, you will miss what is it like to have that person in your life once again.

            When you go that part of the process of death, you need to have other people around you who are going through the same thing as you. They will understand what you are going through and you can use each other to help in the start of the mourning process that death brings into everyone’s lives.  When you suffer the same sadness as everyone else in a group, you can help each other to counsel one another and become a stronger unit. Soon even everyone in the group will feel better and everyone will be able to breathe once again.

                            The Stupidity of Society

People in society have a real problem on their hands and they don't even realize what that problem is in the first place. The problem that I’m talking about in this piece is the stupidity that goes on everyday when people get up and attempt to make decisions in their life that think is the best choice that they could when all in honesty it may not the best choice at all for them to make in the first place.

What I’m saying is basically is when people don’t spend anytime to actually thinking about the decisions that they make in their life. They tend to make other people that are a part of their life and other people that are bystanders suffer because of the stupid ness that goes on from the somebody who hasn’t spent a moment to actually think about what it is that they are doing and plus they may be going down the path as in terms of getting whatever it is that they need to get done.

The thing behind actually thinking about what it is that are doing before you actually do it Is that, you will look down the possible paths that you could go down, you will more likely to go down the right rather then travel down the wrong path. The thing that might be said about the path is that if you go down the wrong path in life you are more likely to run something I like to call stupidity and bullshit then if you decided to still on the right path of life you will then be less likely to run in those two things.

The real thing behind stupidity and bullshit is that this is a cause and effect that happens when you aren’t thinking about what it is that you are doing. The bullshit is used to explain why the stupidity of the indecent happened in the first place. If you could get rid of the stupidity and the bullshit that happened in the indecent and also in life, in general, then your life can and will be a lot better off if you didn’t have those things as part of your everyday life.

The final thing about stupidity is that no matter how much people try to think about what it is that they are doing, stupidity will always be part of lives due to the fact that is so intergraded in our lives that something as big as thinking on your yourself isn’t possible except for a very few individuals.

                             The Reality of Happiness

Happiness is such an important thing in everyone’s life. You see happiness is the point of your life when you think that you have everything that is important to you, in life. But how do you really know that even after you think that you have everything you wan in your life? Do you really have that you want? When there must be something better out there must something even better out there and you might just not know it or for that matter where that thing is that could make even happier in your life. The thing is that people don’t know what it is or what it is really is about and hopefully at the end of this piece you will be more like me and have a better understanding of who and what happiness is all about.

The first thing that must be understood about happiness is that you will enjoy it more if you earn your happiness rather than just have someone just give it to you. For example, if you win the lottery or hit the jackpot at a casino, you will think that life will be a lot better off with all of the money that you have just won.  The thing about that is soon enough you will see that even though you may never work again, and the boredom that comes with not working will led you to making stupid decisions with your life that soon lead you into trouble with either the cops or other people that are around you that want your money.  These people are jealous of what you got and they will soon have their way with them getting all your money in one way or another, and if that is the case then you may not ever enjoy having the money at all. You will enjoy life and happiness more if work on it a little bit at a time than rather just have some one just gives it you.  The climb to the top of the happiness mountain is the thing that makes it worth in the end. The struggle will be a very hard thing to do but when you reach to the top of the mountain you will more likely say that it was well worth, rather than someone say “Here is your happiness baby!”

The trail to the top isn’t a very easy thing to do at all. You have to keep working on it like a life time project. When you work on this project it is a good idea to spread out the work of the project, and just work on it just a little bit at a time so that you will enjoy the end result more. Another big thing is that it could be such a big project of happiness that you are after that it may take your whole life to finally get what it is that brings you true happiness in your life.  The last thing about this part of happiness is that if you don’t find what it is that bring you happiness, then you shouldn’t quit on what it is that you want in your life. If you choose to do that then you will never discover what it that brings you true happiness in your life.

Final thing to realize about happiness is that if you decide to quit on happiness than some things have come to your head basically saying the following that “you don’t happiness anymore in your life”, plus “You say that you don’t want anything else in your life” and finally “There is nothing more that I could add to my life that would make me any happier than how I’m right now in my life.” Then and then should you quit your preseuit of happiness, but keep this in mind while you are living happily ever after, if you find something else that would make even more happier in your life, then you should go after that, and be on the trail to the top of happiness mountain once again. Then you get the thing that you want then and only then should you quit on the presuit of happiness.

                             Blast from the Past

This was a very good movie staring Brandon Frazier and Alicia Silverstone, but this thing is that this piece isn’t about that movie at all. This is something that is so important to everybody’s life. It is such an important thing of your life that if you forget about what it is all about, then it might blast you at a later date in your life as a reminder of who and what it was all about.  The thing that I’m talking about here is your past or anything that already happened in your life so far. 

The thing about the past is that it is a part of your life and there is nothing you can to change that at all. As it is part of life, you have to know that there are good parts of your personal past that you would wish to remember and there are bad parts of your personal past that you would to forget about. It is these bad things that if you choose to forget about that stuff and try to move with your future you have to realize that any part of your past wither it be a good thing or a bad thing can come back into your life and haunt you in your future just because of the fact that you lost track of you past and forget it all the same time. It can come back also when you least suspect and possibly throw you in a loop just because you forgot all about it.  That is why it is important that if it is possible to keep track of elements of your past that you can control so that it lesser the chances of it coming back and haunting in your future and you can be better prepared if it happens to you.

The other thing about the past  to remember is that although you may or may not forget about your personal past there is another type of the past that is more important you can’t forgetting about either. The type that I’m talking about is your heritage or your family’s past of where they came from in the first place. If you choose to forget something like that your family can and will haunt you for the rest of your days on the planet earth because of the fact that if you don’t know where you came from then you have no past at all because no one will know who you are or where you came. What I’m saying is that your family’s past is important because it connects you to where you from and who were your ancestors were. If you forget that soft of thing you will lost for the rest of your life trying to figure out who you are and what’s your place among everyone else because you have no history to draw back from or experiences that you had to go through in the first place.  So please do yourself a favor and complete a family tree of your family so that you don’t end up being lost for the rest of your days on the planet earth.

It’s for these reasons that you can’t forget about the past because it is a huge part of who you are and where you came from. That is something that you can’t be really be forgetting about because it could haunt the rest of your life and you won’t have any past to draw back on either. The other thing is that if you forget your past it may came back in your life when you least suspect it and you or not like in that way at all.


                 The Ingredients of a Relationship


A Relationship is like a very well made cake; it has ingredients in it that make it a good thing to enjoy. There are certain things that have to go into in a relationship so that it will last for a very long time.  A relationship has to have certain things in it recipe of it in order to make a very good thing or in other words make it last for a long time.  If you decide not to have these certain things in a relationship then it will make very hard for the relationship to last for a very long time like you want it to do so. To show it in another light, you may be even be a car driving the freeway that is a relationship and if you end the relationship you will have that freeway of love and have to get on another freeway toward the love of a relationship. So if you stay on this relationship freeway just remember to put these ingredients into it in order to keep going for a long time.

             The ingredient in a relationship is honesty. Honesty is one of the most important that you to have in a relationship going for a very time. Honesty is when you are telling your partner in crime the truth about what ever is going on in your life.  This is important to any relationship because the truth will always set you free and you will better about yourself when you that special person in your life the truth about whatever is going on in your life.  Besides if you choose not to tell the truth then you both won’t be able to trust one another and trust is the next thing I’m going to talk about.

            Trust is the ingredient that must be included in any relationship in order to make it last a very long time.  Like telling the truth, if you can’t trust each other then how it possible to have a relationship at all if you can’t trust each other at all. Trust is when you tell yourself that you won’t cheat on that special person in your life and that you promise to yourself to continue to do so until you break up with her.  If you decide to break that promise of trust in that relationship, then that would ruin any change of you having any change of happiness that you may have wanted to have with that special person in your life in the first place.  The main thing is that if can learn to trust each other then break-ups are less likely to happen in the first place.

            Communication is the third ingredient of a relationship. Talking to each other is important if you want to keep a relationship going for a long time.  By talking to each other you find out what’s like to live their life for a little bit and it will keep you interested in dating that special person in your life.  Also by talking to that special person in your life, you can find the things that you are doing right in the relationship and also the wrong things in the relationship that may have to be work on a little bit in order to make a batter relationship for the both of you guys.  The last thing about communication is that if you don’t talk to your special person in your life the relationship will break apart as you two drift apart from each other. So just keep that in mind if you want to relationship to last for a very long time.

            The last major ingredient of a relationship is called share common interests / values/ goals.  This is important part of a relationship because it the common stuff that you share together that brings you together in the first place. The common stuff you share together is the thing that keeps you guys interested in dating each other, as the relationship gets older and older.  It is the main tool that keeps a relationship going for a long time. It also determines how far you wish to take the relationship as you could make a lifetime decision based on the common stuff that you have or not have with partner in crime.

         Without theses things there would no relationship in the first place. So go find someone that has these common ingredients in themselves so that you can finally have that long relationship that, like me, have been looking for such a long time and will soon even will find and enjoy it as long as possible.