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Love Poems

These are poems about the feelings and experiences that I've have with love!

                           From One End of Rejection to The Other
   It is interesting to see what happens when you go from one end of rejection to the other end of rejection because I never in my life had experienced anything like that before,
      It was always the way that I experienced which when it comes to getting rejected from the opposite sex. The way I'm talking about is that I was just wasn't good even for them and they didn't want anything to do with me except  just be friends with me.  That wasn't sometimes alright with me because it would to like someone that you felt that there was something more than what there really was there in the first place. This would in turn break my heart and it would be hard for me to look at that ever again,
       But to go on to the opposite end of rejection it would be really spooky to me because its hard to tell someone that you admire them from afar. It would be even harder to take the friendship to the next level because the friendship might the most important thing in the first place,
       But what happens when someone you never met before tries to pick you up. You know that if this happens, you might not like the place that you might not like the place your if you decide for it to continue. This is hardest part about rejection because this has the day you have been waiting for a long time. The day when someone is interested in you but you realized that if you par take in this affair that you might be a whole happier. The thing is though you might ask yourself if it is the right thing to do to someone. Someone who just wants to take advantage of you and someone just who just want to ride on the hoe train.
The main point of this is that to understand what rejection is really about you must go though both end of rejection phase to understand what it is like to go though it. This important if they don't understand the other side of rejection, then rejection will follow them where ever they may go,

                                 Being Ready to Love Someone
Being ready to love someone is a strong statement to make even though I don't really know if I'm ready yet. The thing is that I'm tired of being by myself and being alone by myself all the the time. I just want someone in my life to have and to hold with to make each of our lives better and and better everyday,
      I guess the thing I should say is that I don't want to settle down yet, but I want to have someone else in my life to share my hopes and dreams, and also I have a lot of things i have to say and things that I want to do and I feel it's to share those with someone who is special to me,
      The other thing is that I'm tired of going out in this world and being by myself and i don't want it to be like that anymore. I want to out with a lady who is interested in me and the things that I have say and vise visa when it comes to being interested about what she is all about. I want to show her another side of me that I have never had the change to show anyone yet. My romantic side is what I'm talking about here. I want that side to came out and show the world what a true romantic is all about,
      The main point of this is that I'm ready to come out to California here in two weeks and I'm tired of by myself. I'm going to find a special person in my life to share my hopes and dreams and hopefully a lot more too,

                      Searching For a Plan about Love


Though I have already declared in an earlier poem that I was ready for love but I never wrote a plan in which that going to happen in the first plan.

            The first part about it is that I’ve been searching for love and it has been harder than what I thought it was going to be. I realize that looks are the most important thing to people my age and that I know that it’s not something I have never had going well for me at all. I know that it’s not my fault or anything, but it would have made things easier if I had gotten luckier in the gene pool. The main thing about this point is that it is another challenge I have to deal in the thing called love.

            The second point is this I have also realized that with anything you have to look deeper in a person’s heart to find what you’re looking for in terms of love. You have to find someone who has a lot in common with you or you have to find someone that you have a real connection with them. That point, right there, for me has always been hard to come by because as a lot of people have always said that I am one in a million and I think that finding that someone that would like a lot of the stuff that I like and things that I do would be one and million change of happening.

            The third thing I have come to realize is that I have to ask myself should I even have a plan for love in the first place I mean how do I plan on something I don’t know when or where it is going to be happen to me or not. In everything I believe in you can do one of two things: one you can come up with a plan to pursue love and then you can go and follow though with it until you truly get you want in the game of love, or two you don’t have to come have to come up with plan to have love put of your life and you could always remember these things: let love come to you; it doesn’t have plan for you and it will come to you when the time is right and you are truly ready for it.

            In the end of all things have to realize that you have to make your own decisions when it comes to love and it all boils down what those decisions are that make and it also has to do with how those situation are affected that will eventually determine how much of a role that love will play in entire life.  

        The Loneliness Of Being A Non-Dater                        

         Everywhere around and I wonder to myself, if I keep telling myself that I don’t want anyone in my life right now.  Then why do I get jealous every time I see a couple walking down the street. I don’t know what to do about this problem. Am I really tired of being single, lonely, and depress? That is the question that has been in my head for the last couple of weeks and I realize the answer is that question is yes because as I stated in a previous poem I was ready to love but the problem now is I haven’t followed through on that subject yet. The question really comes downs too was I really ready to start dating and stop so alone in my life yet?

                They say that sometimes you are alone in your life and there is nothing you can do to change that, but I think you can do something if you’re willing to do it. I have been so defensive in my life because I had always gotten hurt really badly in the past when I was interested in someone. The thing is that I have something much more to offer than other people but I have had to hold back on showing the real me because of bad things happening in the past.  The thing I have realize is that all of the those people that bugged the hell out of me as I was growing up are now gone They have all gone to different places and now that I have come back to California I realize that was no left here from my past.

                So now with that stuck in my head what could be the reasoning of me still being afraid of rejection from girls. I know that you going to say the saying you shouldn’t go look for trouble, if trouble isn’t looking for you.  I’m not saying that girls are trouble or anything but if girls aren’t looking for me at bars then why should I pursue them at this present moment of my life.  Then I realize something a while back and that was that I was tired of being by myself and I wanted to be liked and loved from somebody outside my family. I think that who ever I end up with will be happy and enjoy my company as I will the same for them.

                I have to go find someone who needs the same thing.  The main thing is that I’m mainly looking for companionship. I don’t know if that includes having a girlfriend in my life right now or not. I guess that might be the thing I need in my life right now I know that if I’m ever going to do the real things that I know that I want to do, even ally I’m going to need a partner in crime, who would want to be there with me to make the experiences we share a lot better than I were to go at it alone.

                In the end of it all, I have to understand everything about myself better if I want to go on and do bigger and better things with my life. The other thing is that I have only a few chances to my make changes in my life to really have love and happiness involved with it.  So now is the time of my life that if I want those two things as badly as I want them in my life, then now has to be the time to take actions now to set up these things so I can do the things I really want to do in the future.

                    Having Faith in a Little Thing Called Love


            Having faith in love is something that is one of most important things that a person can have throughout their whole life. Love is something that keeps us together from being alone. It is important that everyone keeps love in their life so that we can keep ourselves from going insane and also try to beat each other down over it.

            The thing about love is that love can be a good thing if you’re in a relationship. Love will be with you that in terms of helping the relationship staying afloat. It will be always be a good thing for you if you use it in that way and it might be, in turn, the best thing that you can have in your life.

            Love can be the worst thing in your life if you’re either in a just broken up relationship or in no relationship at all. Love will hurt in either way because you either feels like that love has ripped your heart apart or it has done to you already. If this is what you’re going through right now then might be thinking about losing faith in love and that you never want to be hurt by love of other person or anything like that ever again.

            Let me tell you something right there, losing faith in something so powerful could be one of the worst mistakes that could impact your life in a very bad way.  Love is what brings everybody together. If you go and push that away, you will be saying that you want to live a sad, lonely, depressed life that will be on top of anything else that you are suffering from in the way you play the game of love. The saying is that it is better to have been loved then not be loved at all.  That is why you need to keep the faith when it comes to love because when you have faith in love, good things will come to those who wait. Love works in the same if you wait for love it will came when the time is right and you are truly ready to love again.

            So in the end I will say that if wait for love to come to you in your life then it come  again to be part of it. If you decide not to have love in your life then your life will be a said and useless thing that people will tell you they don’t you in their life anymore. That in turn makes you think that what the point of life and that is something that no one should be thinking about at any point of their living process of living life on earth.   

                                   Matters of the Heart
           The heart is an important muscle inside of your lungs that keeps you alive by it pumping the blood throughout your system.  It is also the thing that use to describe as when it comes your feelings toward other people and to anything that has to do with love and relationships and other things like that.  So the thing is that in order for your heart to make gains that you want to make, in something like love, there are certain things that must be done in order to achieve the goals you want in the game of love.
          The first thing that must be done, to have your heart working with you on love, is that to listen to your heart to find out what your heart says is the best direction your heart wants you to follow.  If you listen to what your heart has to say to you, you can find learn the right plan of love that your heart wants you to take. The other thing is that if you use this plan or course to the best of your ability then it should the best possible way to attract love in your life.
            The second that you need to do to have your heart working with you on love is that after you listen to your heart for your plan of love, you need to follow whatever what your heart has told you what to do. That plan that your heart has just gave you is the best of finding happiness in your heart and if you decide to do that then it would be a good idea to do that if you want that in your life.  The other thing is that the plan that your heart has said to you is the path that has been chosen for you for love so it might be a good idea to follow that plan that your heart has chosen you to follow. One more thing to think about is that your heart is the muscle that gets your love machine working and if follow your heart plans exactly then your love machine will would be working on all sinsters. 
            The third thing you need to do is that you need to stay true to your heart in what ever your heart has told you to do.  You can’t go into another way because your heart has told you what is the best way to go in terms of love and it is always a good idea to follow that plan to the end. You should do that to find out if it is the best way to have love in your life and in case it isn’t your heart will give you a new plan to follow.
              The last and probably the most important thing you can do to use your heart to get love in your life is that you need not to quit on what your heart is trying to tell you in what the best way is to get love in your life. When your heart has chosen a path for you to go down, when it comes to love, it is always a good idea to follow that path all the way through and not quit on that path of love at all.  The other thing is that you should go with what your heart tells you to do because it is something that you and your heart agree upon highly and if you decide to go against what your heart has agreed with you. Then the end results of the whole thing will not as you hope it would be. So always go with your heart when it comes to love because your heart is the best expert, you have, when it comes to love and happiness.

                    The Truth and Consequences of Love

            Love is a thing that is a part of everyone’s life, that is, if they choice to use it in the right way. The thing is that is no ones knows what love is really about. You know the real stuff that makes love the way that it is and what effects that it has in our lives, plus each and everyone of our lives. The thing is that is what makes love the thing that it is and what can we to understand it better so that we can use it in a manner that brings the true way that we want love to part of our lives in the correct way that love should be in our lives. 

            The real thing that done is that if you want to have love in your life and you think that you can handle love in your life.  Then you must open your heart to at least the possibly of happening in order to encourage love to come into your life. What I mean is that you need to be over whatever past relationship you just had with your ex to be able to say that your heart has been cured and to be able to except love back into your life again.  Your heart needs to be cured of the past relationship because if you are on the rebound and you try to date someone, the relationship will not last long at all as your date finds out who were you with before and how long you were with them. Your date will realize you are un-date-able and your date will tell you to go back to old life and that you need to feel better about the past to move on into the future. So that is why it is important to be over past relationship so you don’t blow changes to date and love someone else in the future.

            The second thing to remember about love is that love is like a roller coaster, it has it’s up’s and down’s depending where you are at on the roller coaster of love. The up’s part of the roller coaster of love is the positive feelings that you get out of anytime you are in a relationship with another special person. These feelings may include any of the following feelings: happiness, companionship, and contempt ment, in terms of how happy you are, in the relationship. The down’s part of the roller coaster of love represent the negative effects that come with the relationship that you are in. These feelings may include any of the following feelings: heartache, depression, sadness, and rejection from other people in general. The serious and possibly most important thing to remember about the roller coaster of love is that love is such an emotionally ride that if you don’t ride the roller coaster of love correctly, it can leave such a big hole in your heart that your heart may never ever be able recover from it.

            The last major thing about what love is really is about is that you have to remember that when you finally open your heart again to love again, or even for the first time, that love is not on a planed timer. That is that love can come at any point in your life, even when you don’t expect it, so it is very important to always have your heart open at the possibility of love. Because if love gets you a change at happiness, and you decide to blow that opportunity, it may be a long time before something like that come again. So that is the mean reason that you should keep your heart open to love so that you don’t blow the one and maybe few changes that you get when it comes to love. 

The Eight Stages of Happiness in a Relationship

Every relationship goes through different stages as the couple is together longer and longer and I thought it would be nice if I could take a look at what makes the start of a relationship and what how you make the start of a relationship and what it gets it started all the way to the point to where you can get the true happiness in a relationship that I know for a fact that everyone looks for in their life time. Now with anything else in life, you could compare this to as free way in terms of that, every relationship that you share with special person in your life, you are going down in one direction on a freeway as long as the relationship keeps getting older and older. The thing is that if you do something to get off the freeway, that represents your relationship, you may be going down an exit of your life that you may not wan to go to in the first place. When your relationship ends and when your hearts truly heals from the pain of the past relationship, you will be on the look out again for the next freeway exit that could lead to a new relationship that would get started all over again. In the mean time of that while you are in this current relationship let me tell me talk about the eight stages that best represent the true path to that true happiness that everyone looks for in their life.

The first stage of a relationship is called the first impression stage. This is the stage where you meet someone for the first time and you get an idea of what the person is all about and you do that by their first impression. This impression could be a good thing or a bad depending where you think you want to take the relationship of the certain somebody that you are interested in the first place. So it would be a good idea to have a good impression of someone if you want try to get to know him or her.

The second stage of a relationship is the friends or maybe something more stage and it is when you decide how far you want to take someone in terms of a relationship and that is based on the first impression. If you are single is looking for a partner in crime in your life that this is the stage where you make a decision on wither you be interested in seeing this certain somebody as more of a friend or not.

The third stage of relationship is called the going steady stage. This is the stage where after you have been dating each other for a while now that you decide that this is serious even that you have to stop trying to look for something better in our life and too just stick with what you got because he or she might be the best that you are get in terms of a good relationship out of the special person in your life. You say that I’m not dating anyone else anymore and that I’m with you until when ever the end of the relationship comes for you and me.

The fourth stage of a relationship is the declaration of a couple stage it is when after you have dated this person for a while that you have a strong connection with this person even that you might decide that this person might be worth your time and that you realize that the period of being single is over now. It then starts a new period of your life that will include someone else in your life beside yourself and that might different for you for the first time in a long time.

The fifth stage of a relationship is the falling in love stage. This is when after you have with this special person for a while that you realize that you are getting stronger and stronger feelings for this person as the relationship keeps getting older and older. You have to then start to think about possibly making a lifetime decision based on how strongly your feelings are about this special person in your life.

The sixth stage of a relationship is the asking for marriage stage. This is when after you have the decision that will change everything that has happen in your life and in the future. That you decided you want to have this special person life as a witness of your life, and you do that by asking this person in their hand in marriage and this needs to be done in a way that neither one of the both of you forget about it as it should the only time that this should be done. If it is accepted this is also the stage where the both of you plan on how want to be married and how the wedding should be and other things that go with it in terms of preparations.

The seventh stage of a stage is the wedding stage. After the both of you of you guys have decided that your search for true happiness is finally over. You both decide that you want to spend the rest of your life together and be a witness to each other’s life as you both get older and older. This should be done in a way where it would be the happiest moment is each of one another’s life as two realize that you have finally reach the point of your life that your climb to the top of the happiness mountain is finally over and you have finally said there is nothing that could be anymore happiness in my life except for one thing and that is the eight stage.

The eight and final stage of a relationship is when you decide whether or not you wish to have offspring or not. Some couples decide that want to have kids and be like a lot of families and spend the 18 or possibly even more years depending on how many kids are, to be had to raise them to like themselves as much as possible. Or they decide that three or more in a household would be a crowd and they decide that it is just going to be the two of them only. It is up too the couple after the wedding to find their own happiness for the rest of their lives together.

The main point in the end is that any relationship you could go into will change you either for the better or for worst and you have to use your experiences to the best of abities in order to take full advantage of what life has to offer and that in life is what you have to do with love or else you can’t truly enjoy your life like it was meant to be in the first place.

                                            A Lot Like Love

There are a lot of things that may seem like it is real love but the truth is that it real life at all because of the fact that true love is something that takes a long time to be developed and it can’t happen over night as you think it can. People try to do certain things in the life to try to simulate what they think true love is but the truth is that until they are sure that they are in love; they don’t know what the difference is between what fake love and what true love is really is all about.  In this piece I’ll give you some examples of what fake love is and show you how to turn into the true love that everyone looks for in their life.

A crush on someone is an example of what they think is real love but the truth is that if the other person has no idea of how you feel about them. Then it can’t have at least have a change to evolve in to real love that you want from them until you at least tell them how you feel about them. So do your self a favor and tell them how you truly feel you never they might just feel the same way about you as well.

When a person is starting out on the trail to find that one special person that they call theirs forever, it occurs to them it will happen very quickly. They think that they will find it with the other sex quickly and while doing this they may seem to think that it is real love but the truth is that until they can truly get to know the other person and has been around them long then and only then can be become true love that you want it to it. As you are getting to know the other person, you can make better decisions on where and how far you want to take a relationship.

The type of relationship that is shared by those who are too young to understand what love is may seem like it is true love to them but the truth is that under they get to an age where they can truly understand what love is really about. This could be defined as like crushes that young ones have for another child in their class or in their live that have left a very positive impact on their life.  This also includes young teenagers who have crushes on other people who had left such a positive impact that they think it could be something more but the truth is that it isn’t and it will never anymore more in their lives period.  You have to at least finish puberty before you can truly enjoy the true effects that true love has to offer.

The love that hoes, sluts, jiggalos, and pimps try to get from all of the one night stands that they do seems to be like true love for them but the truth is that true love is something that take s along time for it to happen. It can’t be a quick fix to use your problem in life because there is no way that true love can’t happen in that soft of way. It has to be something that has to be worked for and if it is done as such then you will be able to enjoy the benefits of it all in the end of all things that true love is all about.

Those who are either casually dating each other or people who are friends with benefits with each other think that their love that are sharing is true love but the truth is that it can’t be true love if the both of you aren’t committed to just each other and not to maybe a couple of other people.  Their relationship isn’t as serious as needs to be if they ever plan on moving it up to the next level that it needs it to be so that true love could happen as they want it to happen in the first place. True love can only happen if the both of you guys are committed to make it happen. Once you both are serious even to just date other then true love can and will happen for the both of you guys in the way that you both want it to happen.

The conclusion that I say about this whole thing that is called true love is that love can’t achieve in a short period of time that you want it to happen. Love has to work for you, as you want it to work it for you. What I mean is that love like anything in life can happen to you in a day, week, or month but it take even longer for the other person to return the feelings that you share for them. So keep working on them until they fall for you because the happiness that comes from your relationship could be something that could last a lifetime.

               The Breaking and Entering of a Heart
When you first read of the title of this poem you would think that there is a crime taking place here with your heart. Nah the truth is that it is about when someone breaks up with another person after they have been together over a long period of time. This could be the result of a
of a devorce or a long realtionship that may seem like marriage , due to time together as a couple. How does one get thought such a hard process of not havin that one person in their life anymore over such a long period time ago? I will try to answer to answer that and more in this piece.
The thing about breaking with someone after being with them for a period of time is that the first point is that it is part of life and it can happen to anyone at anytime. There are side effects that comes with a broken heart from a realtionship.Saddness is one of biggest side effects of a broken heart. It can lead to depression depending on how broken your heart is or how sad you are inside of yourself. Loneliess is another effect that happens with a broken heart. it is the process of gettin used to the idea that your ex is never coming back into your life and that no matter what happens nothing will ever change that fact at all. If you need ideas of how to release here is some ideas that might be useful in that department. basically talk to friends about what has just happened; your friends are your greatest allies in your life and you should use them to use advanage. Write about the pain is another way of getting the negative energy out of your system in a non negative way. The last thing I can subject is that you just get used to the idea that that other person is gone from your life and also just let time to run it course on you. The saying goes time heals all wounds. 
There will be some choises that need to made once the healing has been completed and the heart has totally healed from the long and hard breakup that you have just have gone though. Here are some of the choises or paths to take on next in your life.
One of the choises is that you could choose to stay single over along period of time and deicde to not presue a realtionship right after being put out of one. Some of the reasons you may want your life to be this way is cause due to past punishment from the last relationship. Another reason is that if you stay single for a while you wont be any worse off then you are right now when it comes to emotions wise. The last and problay most important reason why to stay single over a period of time is that you wont have to deal with the immuatity or the drama that a relationship brings to your life.
Then comes the other side of the pizzle aka the trying to get into a relationship again side of it all. After being single for a long period of time. You start to think about that some changes are goin to be made in your life. The main reason behind all the changes is that going out with friends, yourself , or with family starts to get old and boring after a while. Another reason to be in a realtionship again is that if you stay single forever you may leading down a path that can lead to a lonely life. How do you want to find the rest of your life with someone if you plan on stayin single forever? The last point about this is that if you decide to stay single forever, to me, you are putting yourself in a worse punishment than spending the rest of your life in jail.
 To conclue on this piece, people have to make choises in thir lives everyday. Some are easy ones and other ones to hard to make but never the less they are still made and taken to be done everyday. The same factors must be taken when it comes to relationships as well. The other thing is that how are you to move forward in your life if you dont make those choises when it comes to relationships. Life is made based on choises you make everyday and based on their choises is how you will be remembered after you have long past away from the life that has just ended.