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welcome to my world!!!

Poems About Events in My Life

The poems reflect events that have recently happened or past events in the my life!

                              Workin Hard for No Reason at All
So you work all these hours, weeks, and months for what reason?  I mean you are an asshole to just about everybody that you work with and you wonder why no one really likes to work with you on any shift. Why in the hell would anyone like yourself work forty or fifty hours a week if you don't have any time to spent the money you make with it or go out and have a life with it either! I can understand if you have bills to pay but you don't have to work all those hours and have all that extra shit that you have in life.  I used to be like that at the beginning but after one summer of burning myself out, I decided to cut back on hours and focus myself on trying new things and it has worked out very well for me. Now I work 34+ hours a week and work at the arena, but I still have time to go out and see a movie once in a while. In the meantime, You wondered if I kissed even ass and have worked hours for the week.  The main point is, you do all this shit and have nothing show for it. It is because of that, plus your attitude you have, that you treat people like shit. That will externally will cause you  lose everything that is near and dear to you and only you going to say is I worked hard all these years for no reason at all!

                             Coming Back with a Vengeance


So you ask me tonight why am I going back to California next month, eh? I want to let you in on my feelings and thoughts on that question because I think you should know why so that you don't think I making the wrong decision about my life anymore,

      First thing I want to say is that I'm tired of living my life the way I'm living right now. I work a lot of hours and I don't make even money to really enjoy life. It feels like I'm living from paycheck to paycheck I really shouldn't be living my life that way at all. I'm going back to school because I want to make even money so that one day I can stop worrying about how much money I bring in and instead just enjoy life to the fullest I know that I can,

     Second thing I want to say is that I'm tired of having people right and left trying to tell me what to do and how I should my life. To me, I want people to understand that this is my life and I will don't care who's roof I'm living under. The main thing is that I will live my life however I wish to live it out. It belongs to me and to no one else,

      Third thing I want to say is that if you think that I'm staying here or moving to Texas, well you guys can forget it. I love you guys to death but you guys bitch about every damn mistake that I make or ones that you make. You guys don't have any clue on how much I hate that from all of you guys. I hope that you guys will be happy in what ever you guys go but understand this I think that it would best for me to move on and that I've spent even of my life with you guys to know where my life would go if I had to continue to live with you guys. Its just wouldn't be right for me to stay here anymore, and it's just time for this family and I to move on to bigger and better things for that is what best for everyone,

     Finally it all comes down to this, I want things to go back as they used to be with me being a man going to college to find a better life for myself and hopefully make a life around himself and other people better than it ever it was before,

     That's why for those reasons I'm coming back with a vengeance. I'm not going to stop until I have the best of everything because that is the type of life I want to have for myself.

     I'm coming out there to find myself a better life for myself and to basically become a happier educated person and to find the right partner to share all of my happiness with her,

               Pure Imagination

You know I still look at our photo from homecoming that is three years old and I’ll tell ya something it still hurts like hell today. It hurts so much today that it has been hard to live my the way that I should be living it today.

You see after looking at the photo and that it was still three years since we took the photo, I realize now only after all that time that it was pure imagination for me to think that we could more than friends. It was because of what a friend said that I should have paid more attention to the looks she were giving to me every time I ever said something about her and I being more than friends. The action that I should have taken is that I should have been happy we were to dances together as a dance couple and not to have expected anything to be more than that.

I, myself, now think about the whole year that we were a dance couple; I realize that I shouldn’t have let me think that I was and am even today that I am in love still and will always hold a torch for you in case something changes or something better comes along. The truth is that I wish you my girlfriend today and then the events following wouldn’t have happened with you turning into a bitch and being a bitter person toward other people because people thought it was your fault that I have moved to Ohio for the last couple of years when it wouldn’t your fault at all.

As I truly think about this, deep down, I realize that it has done a lot of things to us being together for the short period of time that I think that neither one of us will ever forget.

The biggest thing I have to take out of this period of time in my life is that I have to understand that you will never come here ever again or never ever want to see me again and that I have to truly and Effortful get over you and truly move on with my life. Even though one day I hope that I can meet someone who will truly be happy with the things that I do and they can be the same way with me.

                            A Thing Called Work


            I had to think about what I had to say about working at Nike and I think that I have learned so much through working with young bosses and team members and that’s what this piece is going to talk about.


            The first thing I wanted to talk about was that I’ve noticed that a lot of these people I’m working with right now have never had a serious job before. The thing that amazes me is that they act like they are so laid back when they working and they are really not worry about losing their jobs at all. I know that at previous jobs, that if I did something wrong or said the wrong thing I would have to worry about if I would continue to be working at this job or not. The other thing about this is that if I had a gotten fired from my past jobs I would have a very hard job trying to find a new job. Meanwhile these kids have an attitude like they can basically do what they when want and say what they want without having to worrying about losing their and the fact is that I have never seen that before.


            The second thing I wanted to talk about is that when you have managers that isn’t much older then you are you must treat them a little differently than bosses that could as much as twice as old as you are and these are the ways now I‘m going to talk now. Bosses that are younger than regular bosses have to be treated like they are your age because even if they 27, 28 or so on they haven’t learned yet how to treat everyone with respect regardless of what age they are. They still think that they can pull stuff over your head and think that they can get away with that. The thing is that you have to show them that you are in control of yourself and have to let them know that. Also let them know that they can’t be doing things or saying things behind your back. Once you learn how to sniff those things out like that people and bosses will understand how you work better and that, in turn, might get you some respect around the workplace and in your life too.


            The third thing that I wanted to talk a little about is that, I had to make a choice if I wanted to stay or quit my job that I currently have right now. I have to say that I don’t really  love my job yet, but I like it even that I’m choosing to go ahead and stay on at job because it isn’t boring at all and the fact is that right now that as long as I’m having fun and am still enjoying what I do at my job then there is no point of changing something that doesn’t need to be fixed


            In the end, the main point of this piece is that to know what it’s like to have a job and also have the understanding of what having a job is all about. The other and finally point I wanted to make in this piece is that when you have been working at jobs for the last couple of years you get to understand how to handle people in situations now that could be used in the future when it is time to changes jobs.


                           Confessions of a Lonely Valentine

Valentine’s day is a special holiday that happens every year on February 14th. It is the holiday that if are a young kid, you hand out all the valentine’s cards that you have signed and put your little message and give them out to the class hoping with a little luck to get one or two cards back in return. As you get older you get rid of the cards and you find that special person that is important to you in life, and you plan a special night that will hopefully became a night that neither one of us guys will ever forget.

But what about all of the single people who don’t have anyone to share during Valentine’s Day holiday. I mean doesn’t anyone realize how sad and depressing it is for someone to be single on this holiday.  To me, not having someone to spend Valentine’s Day with is worse then the depression you get when you are single during Christmas time. Valentine’s day is the one holiday I try to forget about every year because being single, all of my life, a holiday like this, is more depressing to go through then any other type of depression that you might go through throughout your life. It feels like love has struck a knife through my heart every year when this holiday comes around. That is how much it hurts to be single at this moment and time of the year. I wish that someday I can be with someone during this time of the year, so I stop feeling like that I’m being rejected from love every year when Valentine’s day comes around.

             The real thing is that, it really feels like someone is killing me every year when this holiday comes around. It’s like why am I the only person unlucky person to be always single during Valentine’s Day. If only one year that would change and I wouldn’t be single on Valentine’s Day. Then things would be different and I wouldn’t have to get even more lonely and depressed as I do during Valentine’s Day.

The Loneliness of Trying to Love in the Real World

It has been already a year since I’ve decided that I’m was tired of being by myself but the thing is that I have done nothing to that extent and while I realize that I could change that aspect of my life, I realize that I’m shy around girls that I find attractive while when I’m trying to be friends with them in the real world or when I’m online with them I’m completely fine and talk with them normally. The interesting thing is that when I’m hiding behind a computer screen I’m more open about everything that is going on in the real world. Yet I can’t be that way to anyone that I’m interested in my real life.  So because of this I guess my pursuit of love is more likely to happen online then in my real life and because of that fact the special person that I’ve looking can’t be found in San Diego or anywhere else that I  live in the world, but it rather happen on the internet which is fine with me. Based of the fact that I’ve searching for a long time for love and that if I have to wait a little longer for love to be in my life once again then I’ll wait a little longer because love will come to me sooner or later on in my life.

            The thing that I have realized is that the net has let me to become more of a better person then in my real life because I feel like I can help more people on the internet than in the real world.  I feel like I can talk to people on the net and not have to worry about the stuff that happens after any advice that either  I’ve given out or by anyone in general. Based on what I’ve read from comments from anyone who type a messages, I’ll help them out in anyway possible.  The thing though is that If I’ve tried to do that in the real world something bad might happen to me because I messed with something in someone’s life that  I maybe should be messing around with in the first place.

            The other thing about talking to people on the net is that I can be the biggest player in the world trying to talk to many people at one time but the thing is that I know that I’ll never get a change to meet any of these people because they most of the time they live so far away from me that I’ll never be able to get the change to visit them as long I live in the place that I currently live at. While in my real life I have been to just about everywhere to meet someone and still I haven’t met anyone interesting even yet that I would want to change the way that I currently live my life so that they could be part of my life.  Most San Diego girls that I meet are either too much like a twit (nothing in the mind) or they are to shallow to really give me a change to show who and what I’m really is all about.  

             So what that in mind, I’ve decided that if love was truly out there for me to find it isn’t going to be in San Diego.  No, it’s going to be found on the net because I feel like I’ve have more freedom there to show off what the real me is like on the inside is like and that is fine with me. 

The last thing about this topic is that I know that internet love only happens for only few people and all but the thing is that I have concluded that I have waited for a such a long time to love someone and to have love back in my life again that I’m willing to wait a little longer if it means that someday I can find my soul mate and hopefully start our new together and possibly live happily ever after.

     The Loneliness of Isolation


         There is a point in everyone’s life that everybody likes to be by him or herself. You know that time when you can be alone and not have to deal with the problems that you have in your life. The point of doing that is to get a little peace and quiet that other wise you would never get in your life.  The thing is that, I’m really getting into is that you might like being alone all the time all the time and all, but there will soon be a point in when to be alone, you start to push people out of your life in order to keep it when you are still alone. What will happen is that people will soon not want you in their life as you are pushing them away from your life. When that happens, you will soon feel isolated from the world because of the fact that people have given up on having you in their life caused you pushed so hard to keep them of your life.

            The feeling of isolation is something that is like a self inflected wound. It is your fault for it to happen. The truth about isolation is that when it happens to you, it is the ultra mint form of loneliness.  You feel like, you are the only person on earth. As you look around and you see that no one else is out there in the world that will even stop for a minute and give you the time of day like you truly want out of them. The thing is that due to the fact, you have pushed people out of your life; people will no longer want you to be part of their lives. They also have moved on to other things that are more important to them and like anything in life you have become a forgotten thing that no one wants in their life. When that happens, you would reach the point of which you have isolated yourself from the world. You feel like that are on an island by yourself where no one is around you at all. Even though in the real world, people may be around you, it feels like no one will stop and talk to you at all. Like I said before, that the reason this has happened basically because that you have booted, everyone important to you, out of your life.

            When you feel has happened you have then truly isolated yourself the world. What happens next is that you get the after effect called loneliness. It is the worse feeling in the world to have for anyone trying to lead a happy and normal life.  With loneliness, you truly feel like you are all alone out there in the world and that there is no one else to talk too. You think that no matter what you try to do to change it, but in the end you that nothing can be done to change something that you started in the first place.

            In the conclusion of it all, is that the truth is if you get yourself thinking like you are the only person out there. Then you will get the sadness and depression that come with loneliness. If it isn’t treated and is left alone, it will only get worse to the point that you may even commit suicide.  The thing about that is you can’t let yourself thinking that way because I know for a fact that no one would be very happy with you if you went and did go through with the whole committed suicide thing.

            The real truth is that, you can prevent this from even happening as long as you have a balanced life where you spend some time with people who you think are important to you but also take some time to be by yourself in order to relieve stress that happens in everyday life. Do this and you wouldn’t go totally crazy and then do something that you may requite doing and something that you may not want to happen to you in the first place.

The Road to Sadness and Depression


Sadness is one of the worst feelings to have in the world. When someone has been so alone in their life sadness is something that will be a more than likely going to an occurring cycle in your life if you don’t try to fix it or at least have the solution to fix the problem in the first place. People who aren’t by themselves can still feel the sadness if there are events in their life that make them feel the same way. It is how sad a person feels that determines how long it take to get over whatever has given them the sadness in the first place. The last thing about this part is that there are different levels of sadness and it on one of these levels that can help in your recovering process of whatever has given you the sadness in the first place.

            The first level of sadness on the road to depression is that you might feel something that has had a minor on your life or something that will have a very short recovery time in terms of getting over it. Examples of this level might include that you have loss a game that you wanted to win or you lost a fight with one that person and he had that one particular thing that you had to have but this time you fell a little short in getting your goal. Here you would get sad and all but it wouldn’t last not long at all.

            The second level of sadness on the road to depression is the level where feel sadness for a little longer that you have in level one. In this level, it may be taking anywhere from a week to upwards of ten days in order to feel better from the thing that has given the sadness in the first place.  Some examples of what could get you into this level of sadness might include any fight that you have with any person that is important in your life and another example is maybe a loss of someone who wasn’t necessary important to you in your life but you knew them well even that it cause to feel a little grief when they passed on to that better place.  This, my friends, is what the second stage is all about.

            The third level of sadness on the road to depression is when it has happened to you.  Yeah it’s when the sadness and depression has finally settled on in there in your life. This can be caused be many things such as things that turn out to be tragic that has happened in your life. Like a death of a person in your life that was important to you and that you would have done everything possible to prevent their death from happening but yet in the end they passed away from you with you holding out hope that they might be able to live though it, but it turned to be a lost cause. It can caused by other things like a loss of a relationship with someone that you cared for dearly and that you had tried everything to keep the relationship but it too turned out to be a lost cause as well as the relationship ended anyway. Now after these two things have happened, you feel like you are alone in the world and what has happened, the sadness and depression part of your life has begun.

            At this point in your life, you need friends and family to be there with you in order to start the healing process of what made you depressed in the first place. It will be a very hard and long process to go though, but it is necessary if you plan on feeling better when it comes to getting over what has just happened in your life to have caused your pain and suffering. Another thing to remember about sadness and depression is that they are both part of life and like everything there will be a part of your life in one form or another. Just remember to have friends and family around when you do the pain that lies because that is what good friends and family are there for in the first place.


                          Don’t Wanna Be Lonely Anymore

So it finally happened to you, you finally what has realize what has happened to you. So do you like the role that have given to you by the world that you have created? The thing is that it will be a long time before any lady will be interested in what the real you are all about. The truth is that you don’t even know when love is even going to return to your life once again.  The real big thing is that is being a pretend player on the internet and trying to get any on the internet is that in the end it is all pretend and that none of it will ever be real like you want it to be. It is because of that and also that you don’t know how to close the deal with the ladies that is the reason that life has put us in as of right now.

            The thing is that I feel like right now that I am lost and don’t really know what purpose is life right now. It feels like everything that has anchored me down to the ground has all of a suddenly has left me go and that I’m currently drifting in the middle of the ocean with no current in the obese of no where.  I felt like this at the Old Globe as I was watching a play there. I was looking around while watching the play and it occurred to me that I hadn’t brought anyone to the play with to be my date for the play there on that night. When this happened, I felt like I was stuck on the outside of a world that only couples could only go into and no matter what I tried to do to get in that world; they just wouldn’t let me in at all. In the end it made me feel like I was destined to always live a sad and lonely life.

            The other thing is that I had a friend for three months and it felt like it was the best time of my life. As fast as I got the happiness from that relationship in my life, she broke up with me and that happiness just disappeared from my life. All I had left was the sadness and depression that comes when something like that happens in anyone else’s life when a break-up just happened the way that it happened. When this happened I felt like everything that I had worked so hard to get was a waste of time in the end. It just made the break-up even worse when it happened. I just wish things had turned out differently but I know now that I was meant to go though this because it was to make me a better person. Also that I had to learn a very important lesson so that the mistakes that were made here aren’t to be repeated ever again in my lifetime.

            The next thing is I don’t want to wait another four years before love is to return to my life once again. If I were to go though that again, I don’t think I could live with myself on this planet anymore. In order to prevent for that from happening, I need to take a more active role in my life when it comes that one special person that I’ve wanted in my life so such a long time now. I have to get certain things in my life and get better of other things in my life if I planned to get to the top of the happiness mountain as I always desired in my life now.

            The last thing that needs to be talked about is that everything has been said and done I understand why things have turned the way that they have been. That thing is that is, by not taking the right steps in my life as I should have done, all of the positive things that I had hoped to be in my life have turned against me and has gone straight to hell. If I plan on getting out of this depression as I am currently in right now, changes must be done in order to get those positive things back in my life again and hopefully someday get that true happiness as I have always been after in my life, period.